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2023. Augusztus 18. Péntek, 21:43 - fehervarfc.hu / David Rechnitzer
The two head coaches spoke about the PAFC - Fehérvár FC match

Bartosz Grzelak and Zsolt Hornyák spoke to the media after the match.

Bartosz Grzelak: 

"We did not start the game well, we made some bad decisions at the beginning. We need to defend better, we shouldn't concede after ten minutes of play. But after that we were strong, I think we were the better team on the pitch, we kept the game under control, but PAFC is always a dangerous opponent. We could see that Colley is a dangerous number 9 for Felcsút. We played well in the second half and the home team scored their second goal almost out of nowhere. We have to play more compactly inside the box, not only the defenders have to defend, but we have to defend better as a team. I am proud of the players, not many teams could have equalised in the 95th minute after three defeats in this situation. I have not seen this very good mentality from the players since I arrived in March, and our fans expect it from us, to whom I thank for their enthusiastic support and the celebrations after the game. When Zsolt Kalmár asked for a substitution, I was a little worried, because no coach is happy to see one of his best players come off the pitch, but fortunately we have good players on the bench, like Milán Pető. Fortunately, after the game it turned out that Zsolt Kalmár was not injured, he just had cramp in his leg, so he asked for a substitution. It's been a long time since I had three defeats in a row as a coach. I hate losing, but we have to be realistic about where we are. I can see the mentality of the players day by day in training and I thought it was unthinkable that we would come home without a point today."

Hornyák Zsolt:

"Thank you to my team for the match today! I'm sad about the result, but our attitude, teamwork and the way we played was extra. I didn't think the 8 minutes of extra time was justified, but we could have decided the game in our favour in the first half. We created several hundred percent chances in front of our opponents' goal, which should have been converted. We should have been more effective in preventing our opponents from getting behind us. Vidi are a good team with a strong squad, their current position in the table does not reflect reality, we played a very difficult match against them. Thanks again to my team for this match today!"

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